Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What utility services can I pay for at EasyPay?

Our system allows people to pay their bills for the services of all major utility providers in Bulgaria. In practice, when you visit an office of EasyPay, you can pay your bills for electricity, water, heating, gas, telephone, GSM, Internet, cable Tv, etc.

Do I need to have a registration in the system prior to using the services of EasyPay?

No registration prior to using our services is required. You can give the EasyPay officer only the necessary information for the payment itself. For example, such information may include your telephone number, a subscribing number, etc.

What are the fees for utility bills payments?

All utility bills payments at EasyPay are free of charge for the client.

Can I make a bank account transfer using your system?

Yes, you can transfer money to bank accounts in Bulgaria.

Where can I send/receive money in cash?

You can send and receive money in cash at all offices, connected to the system of EasyPay.

How can I become a partner to or a merchant at EasyPay?

If you are interested in either offering our services as a partner, or selling your goods/services as a merchant at EasyPay, please, do not hesitate to contact us at:
Tel.: +359 2 921 08 51

How long does the recipient have to wait to withdraw the money?

When the sending person deposits the money at one of the offices of EasyPay, the recipient can immediately withdraw it, regardless of where in Bulgaria he/she is.

When I make the utility bills payment, how long does it take for my liabilities to be cleared off?

When you pay your utility bill at one of our offices, the system automatically registers clearing off of your liability toward the respective service provider.

Can I receive money from abroad via EasyPay?

Yes, if the sending person makes the transfer with his/her credit card.

Is there any limit for a money transfer in cash?

Our system allows for a maximum amount of 5,000 BGN to be transferred at once.

What is an “EasyPay client’s registration”?

A client’s registration in the system of EasyPay contains information about all current utility bills of the person. To have a registration, the client should provide information about all utility services he/she uses and inform the EasyPay officer that he/she wants to have a registration. Our system will store the information and then automatically display the current bills, when the client visits an EasyPay office again and provides his/her phone number. The client does NOT have to pay all bills at once, but only those of them he/she chooses to. The client’s registration is FREE OF CHARGE.

What is a Microaccount?

A Microaccount is an instrument for online payments and receiving money via Internet.

It is opened and maintained by EasyPay and can only be used for payments at After registering to the system of, every client gets a Microaccount. You can use the funds in it for online payments or transfers to bank accounts. You can add funds to your Microaccount by using your credit or debit card at an ATM or, by making a bank account transaction or by depositing cash at any office of EasyPay. For more information, please, visit the website of You can find the Terms for using a Microaccount in the Services section and at the following web address:

Do I have to present any documents at the office, when using the system of EasyPay?

You must present your ID to the EasyPay officer to withdraw your money. You don’t have to fill in any forms, when you deposit or withdraw money. The officer will enter your data in the system.

Does the system of EasyPay allow for payments only in cash?

You can make payments in the following ways:

• in cash at any office of EasyPay;
• using a Bulgarian debit card at;
• using an international credit card at;
• Making a bank account transfer, using an automatic electronic bill account or any other form of payment via bank account.

Can I pay property taxes at the offices of EasyPay?

You can pay all taxes and fees at any office of EasyPay. To do so, some information is required.

Can I pay my utility bills on weekends?

Yes, some offices of EasyPay work on holidays and weekends too. You can receive information about the locations on tel.: +359 2 921 0881.

Can I cancel a payment?

If the payment you make is confirmed in our system, you cannot cancel the transfer. To have your money back, you must contact the head office of EasyPay AD.

How long can a cash transfer remain unclaimed?

The receiving person can withdraw his/her money in cash at any office, connected to the system of EasyPay, within 7 days from the date of the money transfer, made by the sender.

Can I pay the utility bills for different households at the same office of EasyPay?

You can pay all bills at any suitable office, connected to our system.


What are the steps for receiving money in cash?

The receiving person visits any office of EasyPay and provides the following information:

• Either ID number and date of issue, or UCN and date of the money transfer.

If the system accepts the information, the EasyPay officer asks the client to present his/her ID and enters the following data:

• ID number of the receiving person;
• UCN of the receiving person;
• Full name of the receiving person;
• Home address and current address of the
receiving person.

If the system accepts the data, then:

• a receipt for the payment is printed in 2 copies;;
• the receiving person signs both copies – the EasyPay officer keeps the original and gives the second copy to the recipient;
• the officer pays the receiving person his/her money in cash;
• the officer keeps the original receipt and puts it in order with the rest according to their unique registration numbers, automatically generated by the system.

What are the steps for sending money in cash?

The sending person deposits money in cash at any office of EasyPay. The officer enters in the system the following information:

• full name of the sending person;
• address of the sending person /optional/;
• telephone number of the sending person /optional/;
• sum of the cash deposit;
• full name of the receiving person;
• ID number of the receiving person;
• UCN of the receiving person;
• the system automatically generates the date of the money transfer;

After entering the data mentioned above, the EasyPay officer prints a form, which contains the following information:

• payment number;
• full name of the sending person;
• sum of the payment;
• date of the payment – system date;
• the office, in which the money is deposited;
• optional – a password, which the recipient must provide to withdraw the money;
• way of delivery: paying the sum to the recipient.