You can pay all of your utility bills - electricity, telephone, water, heating, Internet, TV, etc. in more than 2950 EasyPay offices marked with the company logo.

You can also make money transfers in Bulgaria and abroad; bank transfers; buy a vignette; pay local taxes and fees, fines and obligations to institutions; pay for insurance and perform payment operations to/from You can load an amount for tolls, pay an instalment on a credit; buy a ticket for an event; buy a prepaid card and add an amount to a telephone operator on a prepaid card; add money to your accounts in gambling sites and get, free of charge - the EasyPay card.

For more information about other services we offer, contact our Call Center on 0700 20 787.

No prior registration in the system is required. We can register you easily in one of our offices - more than 3000 in Bulgaria. We can assist you in finding subscriber numbers for some of the merchants. In case you have this information, you can provide it to the clerk and on your next visit - all you’ll need is your EasyPay registration number and all your charges will be loaded in the system. You can pay all of your bills at once or select some of them for paying.
The customer doesn’t owe any additional fees when paying household bills in one of our more than 3000 EasyPay offices.
You can send a bank transfer in Bulgaria or abroad. You just need to provide information about the country, bank, account number or IBAN, as well as the full name and phone number of the Beneficiary. You can find more information here.

You can receive/send a money transfer at any EasyPay office in the country or abroad.

EasyPay locations in Bulgaria

EasyPay locations abroad

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us via 0700 20 787 or e-mail:

If the transfer is in Bulgaria, the recipient can withdraw the money in any EasyPay office in the country immediately.

When you’re sending an international money transfer, the funds are transferred to the relevant payment operator as soon as the receipt is printed. The recipient can withdraw the amount 5 minutes after it has been sent, regardless of the destination.

Yes. With the help of EasyPay international money transfer partners, our clients can receive and send money transfers to over 150 countries worldwide.

EasyPay has its own network of offices in other European countries, where our compatriots can benefit from all the services available at the cash desks in Bulgaria. The services for Bulgarians abroad are offered under the brand FexoPay and are currently available in Austria, Greece, Cyprus and Spain. For more information, please visit:

Information about inquiries and the status of money transfers can be provided in one of our offices after identification with an identity document.

Questions about terms and fees can be directed to the EasyPay Call Center.

You’ll need to identify yourself to the cashier with a valid ID for some of our services. You don't need to fill out forms when depositing or withdrawing money. Our cashiers will assist you with the information needed for the transfers.

Amounts can be deposited in the following way:
Payments in EasyPay offices are made only in cash. If you prefer to pay online, you can visit

Amounts can be received in the following ways:

  • cash
  • from an ATM when the transfer is sent beforehand to an EasyPay card IBAN

EasyPay registration is a profile which we can create for our clients. It contains information about their household bills and obligations to merchants. During the initial payment, the client must provide information about household bills he wants to pay, and then confirm that he wants to create his EasyPay registration. For subsequent payments, after entering the phone number or other numerical combination provided by the customer, the system will automatically display all of his current accounts. It is not necessary to pay the bills for all obligations - the client selects which ones to pay . Creating an EasyPay account is FREE.

A payment account (microaccount) is an online payment account.

It is supported by EasyPay and can also be used for payments on After registering on, each customer receives a payment account (microaccount), the funds of which can be used for online payments or transferred to a bank account. The system allows different ways to transfer money to a payment account (microaccount): with a bank card - from an ATM or through; with a bank transfer or in cash - in the EasyPay office. For more information, you can visit

The maximum amount that can be transferred/received to/from Bulgaria through the system through one transaction is BGN 5,000. The maximum amount that can be received from abroad through one transfer is BGN 9,900, and for a money order it is BGN 5,000. You can ask about the limits for international transfers to a specific country at our location or contact our Contact Center on 0700 20 787.

After depositing an amount to pay for the bills in your account, the system automatically reports payment of the client's obligations to the relevant company. The time it takes to reflect your payment depends on the merchant and the type of payment you are making. You can inquire about a specific payment through the EasyPay Call Center or in one of our offices.
You can pay all of your bills in one of the 3000 EasyPay offices.
The transfer can be cancelled on the day of its execution and only if the relevant merchant offers such an option. You must visit an EasyPay office and provide a receipt for the payment in order to receive a refund.

For a money transfer from Bulgaria, the recipient must provide a valid identity document.

For an international money transfer, the recipient must provide a valid ID and a Reference number.

The employee checks the customer's ID and in case the transferred data matches it in the system, the customer will receive the transfer.

If the ordering customer sends cash to the cash register, he must provide:

  • valid ID
  • contact phone number
  • transfer amount
  • the basis for the translation
  • recipient names
  • recipient contact phone number
  • Recipient's TIN or identity document number

The transfer can be received immediately at any EasyPay cash desk.

If you are sending an international money order, you must provide:

  • Valid ID document
  • Country and city to receive the transfer
  • Recipient's full name on ID
  • Phone number to contact the recipient

Along with the receipt, you will receive an Appendix containing the Transfer Reference Number.

Important! The reference number is unique and must be provided only to the recipient to serve as an identifier when withdrawing the amount. The order can be received within 10 minutes at the office of EasyPay's international partner in the respective country with a Reference number and an identity document in which the names completely match those submitted. When withdrawing, additional information may be requested regarding the names of the originator, the exact amount and the country from which the transfer was sent.

You will find more information about active destinations and the international partners of EasyPay here.

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