EasyPay offers you an established and secure path to success

With our 2600+ offices, EasyPay work with more than 500,000 households in Bulgaria monthly. EasyPay offers a wide variety of opportunities to business partners.

Advertising at EasyPay office

Customers receive a receipt after each payment or money transfer made at an EasyPay branch. There is a special area for advertisements on its reverse side. Placing your ad there costs only 0.06 BGN per receipt/sheet. You can geo-target a specific region or branch. see more

For more information: office@epsa.media

You can become an EasyPay representative

We have developed our program that guarantees you income and increases the customer flow to your websites. We give you the opportunity to collect payments and offer all EasyPay services... see more

For information call: 0894 100 608

Sales department: merchant@easypay.bg

Send electronic invoices to customers and receive payments due

Businesses issuing monthly bills (fees, loan instalments, commissions, rents, etc.) can send electronic invoices to their customers through the Prepiska Finance system. The Prepiska Finance system is an EasyPay and InfoNotary joint venture. The system automatically tracks all payments made to you and generates an electronic invoice upon receipt. see more

For more information: 02/ 921 08 90, в.697

Emil Kirov: ekirov@infonotary.com

Payments to businesses

If you are a business receiving regular payments from monthly fees, instalments, commissions, rents, etc.) EasyPay gives you the freedom to choose the most suitable way of payment (in cash, online, using a debit or credit card, or through a mobile phone). You can manage all payments due to you through our convenient platform. Your customers can pay their bills at 2570 EasyPay offices in the country.

See below a list of all merchants included in our system.

For more information: 02/ 921 08 50

Sales department: merchant@epay.bg

"Bulk Payments"

The"Bulk Payments" service allows you to make multiple transfers to an unlimited number of recipients with just one payment order from your EasyPay account. All you need to do is provide information about the recipients. You can use the bulk payment service to pay salaries, dividends, commissions, prizes, etc. The beneficiaries can obtain the amount directly on their EasyPay card. The EasyPay card has no opening and maintenance fees. see more

For more information: 02/ 921 08 50

Sales depatment: merchant@epay.bg

The entire activity of the company is coordinated and carried out under the supervision of BNB and CRC.

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