EasyPay card

You can get your new EasyPay card completely free of charge

Additionally, you get an account with an IBAN free of any maintenance fees
The card is issued at an EasyPay office immediately

Where can I get an EasyPay card?

Get your EasyPay card at these EasyPay offices

Receive your pension via EasyPay card
EasyPay card advantages:
  • you get the card instantly at these EasyPay offices
  • no maintenance fees
  • no issuance fees
  • you get the card instantly and free of charge
  • you have two free ATM withdrawals monthly
  • No POS fees when paying at a retailer in Bulgaria
How can you receive money on the EasyPay card and top up your account?
  • You can receive your salary, pension, benefits and compensations from The National Social Security Institute, fees, rents etc on your EasyPay card directly as it comes with a payment account and an IBAN. It is sufficient to give the IBAN to your employer or institution from which you will receive the income.
  • Via a standard bank transfer to your account (IBAN)
  • At any EasyPay office by depositing cash
  • Via an international money transfer to your bank account (IBAN)
  • From every registered customer in ePay.bg. All you have to do is to register your card in your ePay.bg account.
How and where to use the card?

You can use the EasyPay card like any other payment card - to withdraw cash at any ATM and pay at retail stores at a POS terminal in Bulgaria. Every month you have two free ATM withdrawals and all payments are free of charge!

Why EasyPay card?

The card saves you time and money! Time because it is issued in just a few minutes. Money because there are no fees for issuing, maintenance and payment in stores. You have two ATM withdrawals in Bulgaria free of charge. The EasyPay cards are personalized by BORICA and operate in the National Card and Payment Scheme with the Bcard brand.

What else?

You can quickly and securely receive money transfers from the country or abroad directly into the EasyPay card.

How to check your account balance?

You can check your card balance at an ATM, in person in an EasyPay office, on the ePay.bg website and application or in Viber.
The EasyPay card can also be topped up in any EasyPay office or through ePay.bg.

How do you play the Wheel of Winnings?
  • 1. Get your free EasyPay card at one of the EasyPay offices listed here.
  • 2. Request checking of your account balance in Viber at the same office.
    The Wheel of Winnings will be activated upon first payment or amount transfer through the EasyPay card.
  • 3. Every payment with an EasyPay card is a chance to win prizes!
    And with every card top-up, you win extra spins up to three times a month.
Get your EasyPay card at these offices

The EasyPay payment card can also have a different design of favorite brands. Here you can see some of them

EasyPay payment card with special design

See the full terms here:
Rules of the Game "Wheel of Winnings"

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