EasyPay payment card with special design

EasyPay payment card of PFC “Levski”

PFC "Levski" and EasyPay offer fans the opportunity to apply for or renew their club membership at almost 100 selected EasyPay offices in 60 locations across the country. For their membership fee, the club's supporters can receive the new "Levski" payment card free of charge. The plastic has a special design dedicated to the club and can be picked up from EasyPay offices. There are no issuance and maintenance fees.

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EasyPay payment card "100 hearts for CSKA" of VC "CSKA"

The traditional card "100 hearts for CSKA" of the volleyball club "CSKA" can now be used as a payment method thanks to the partnership with EasyPay. Cardholders can support their club while benefiting from a free account with no monthly maintenance fee, free retail shopping and 2 free withdrawals at every ATM in the country. Cardholders could also benefit from a 50% discount on the ticket price for all home games of the VC CSKA as well as discounts in over 40 sales outlets.

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EasyPay payment card of Rila TV channel

Rila TV Channel decided to add value to its users by turning its membership card into a payment card. Thanks to the partnership with EasyPay, more than 5,000 customers can use their membership card for payments without paying a monthly maintenance fee.

EasyPay payment card of "Kamenitza"

“Kamenitza” chose the EasyPay payment card for its large-scale game, in which prizes worth BGN 750,000 were distributed. Each winner received their prize in a specially branded EasyPay payment card, that they can use daily for payments at retail outlets and ATM withdrawals. The Cardholders can check their account balance in Viber. The card is suitable for transferring income (salary, money transfers, fees, etc.).

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