Bulk Payments

The "Bulk Payments" service allows you to make multiple transfers to an unlimited number of recipients through our payment system ePay.bg with just one payment from your EasyPay account.

You can use the bulk payment service:
  • to pay salaries
  • to pay amounts due to your suppliers, partners, contractors
The money to be transferred:
  • can be transferred to the recipient's account opened in EasyPay. We also provide a free card tied to the account.
  • can be paid in cash at an EasyPay office.
What are the advantages of the service:
  • You can make multiple BGN transfers with just a few clicks.
  • You can make the payments online at your convenience.
  • The recipient will receive the cash as soon as you authorize the payment.
  • You can reduce your operating costs and transfer funds at a very low cost.

    • There is no transfer fee for EasyPay accounts; We also provide you with a free card with the account - no opening and maintenance fee.
    • There are low fees for transfers that can be picked up in cash at an EasyPay office.

  • You decide whether the amount should be transferred to the receiver's Payment account at EasyPay or to be picked up cash at an EasyPay office.
To use the service, you need:
  • To be registered as a legal entity on ePay.bg. Upon registration, an account will be created automatically. There are no maintenance fees associated with the account.
  • You will need to be registered as a 3rd level customer on ePay.bg, meaning you have passed the identification process.

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