Become an EasyPay representative

Becoming an EasyPay partner can boost your profit margin and help you attract new customers.

All you need is a computer, a printer and an internet connection.

You get free branding of your office space

As an EasyPay partner, you can collect payments and offer all EasyPay (EasyPay AD) products and services:

  • Payment of utility bills
  • Payment of taxes and fees
  • Bank transfers in Bulgaria
  • Money transfers

If you are interested in a partnership with us, you can fill in the short application form. We will review your application carefully, evaluating the activities and location(s) of your business as well as our need to have agents in that area.

Name of the organization
UIC/BULSTAT of the organization
Activities of the organization:
(please, describe the main goods/services you offer at your location)
Location address: City, Post Code, Quarter, Street №
(If you have other locations, please, provide their addresses in the field for additional)
Picture of the location exterior (up to 1 MB)
(see the sample picture below)
Picture of the location Interior (up to 1 MB)
(see the sample picture below)
Contact person
Telephone number
E-mail address
Additional information
(Here you can provide the addresses of other locations, if you have more than one, or any other additional information you find important about your organization, location(s) the city/town/village, district or neighbourhood of the workplace, etc.)


Please, attach to your application 2 pictures of your location – one, showing the facade and nearby area,
and another one, presenting the interior of the workplace.
Sample picture 1. Sample picture 2.

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