Partnership with EasyPay

Becoming a partner to EasyPay gives you the following benefits:

  Каса Изипей
  • A guaranteed profit;
  • A significant increase in the customer flow in your location, i.e. new and more regular clients;
  • No investment needed – you can use your PC, printer and Internet connection;
  • Free branding materials for your location, provided by EasyPay AD.

Our partnership programme gives you the opportunity to accept payments and provide all services of EasyPay AD, such as periodical payments for utility bills (electricity, water, heating, telephone, GSM, gas, cable TV, Internet, etc.) and other payments (bank account transfers to Bulgaria, money transfers in cash, taxes, fees, insurances, etc.).

The programme is mostly suitable for organizations and companies with several own locations or a network of partnership locations.


If you are interested in partnership with us, you can fill in the application form below. We will consider your application carefully, regarding the activities and location(s) of your business as well as our need to have agents in that area, and we’ll then inform you about our decision.

* Please, use the Cyrillic alphabet only to fill in all fields of the application form.

Name of the organization:
UIC/BULSTAT of the organization:
Activities of the organization:
(please, describe the main goods/services you offer at your location)
Location address:
(If you have other locations, please, provide their addresses in the field for Additional information)
Picture of the location exterior (up to 1 MB):
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Picture of the location Interior (up to 1 MB):
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Contact person:
Telephone number:
E-mail address:
Additional information:
(Here you can provide the addresses of other locations, if you have more than one, or any other additional information you find important about your organization, location(s) the city/town/village, district or neighborhood of the workplace, etc.)


Please, attach to your application 2 pictures of your location – one, showing the facade and nearby area,
and another one, presenting the interior of the workplace.
Sample picture 1. Sample picture 2.
Анелия Николова

For more information, please, do not hesitate to contact us!

Tel.: (02) 921 08 51, int. 672 – Anelia Nikolova

List of partnering organizations, providing our services