Bank Transfers in Bulgaria and Abroad

Bank transfer

Paying with a deposit slip

Bank transfer

You can send a bank transfer in Bulgaria or abroad. You just need to provide information about the country, bank, account number or IBAN, as well as the full name and phone number of the Beneficiary (additional information about the recipient bank may be required for some destinations).

You can send bank transfers for:

  • rent
  • fines
  • gift
  • donation
  • alimony
  • education
  • student fees
  • family support
  • medical expenses
  • depositing own accounts
  • bank card loading
  • health insurance instalment
  • insurance contributions, loans, etc.

Bank transfers are available to any bank in Bulgaria, as well as to over 150 countries worldwide /check active destinations abroad here/.

The money is deposited in cash at an EasyPay office. The amount is automatically credited to the Beneficiary's bank account within 2 to 5 business days from the date specified in the Receipt. The period is determined by the respective payment service provider: EasyPay AD, Ria, UPT or MoneyGram.

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