Sending an international
money transfer from Bulgaria

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In the countries listed below EasyPay operates through partners’ offices:

Ria SmallWorld UPT Moneytrans FexoPay KoronaPay CashLine Money Exchange




North America

South America




If you want to send an international money transfer

  • 1. You are required to present a valid ID and indicate the recipient’s country.
  • 2. You need to enter the mobile number and the full name of the recipient, written in Latin characters.
  • 3. You will receive a receipt containing your details and the Reference Number of the transfer.
  • Important information! The reference number is unique and must be provided only to the recipient, it serves as an identifier when withdrawing money.

  • 4. You need to inform the recipient that he / she can receive the money transfer in all partner offices in his / her country. To pick up the cash the recipient will need the Reference Number and a valid identity document in which their name completely matches the submitted one.
  • When withdrawing money in some countries, they may ask the recipient for additional information about your names, the exact amount and the country from which the transfer was ordered.

  • 5. The recipient can pick up the transferred amount up to 5 minutes after it is ordered.

You can send your questions about the rules, status and verification of international money transfers to the EasyPay call center.

EasyPay’s International money transfer partners: RIA Money Transfer, Small World, UPT, KoronaPay, Moneytrans и G.S. Cashline. For more information -

FexoPay is an EasyPay brand operating outside Bulgaria. Currently, there are FexoPay offices in Austria, Greece and Cyprus. In these offices, you can use all the services of the company, such as bank transfers, money transfers, payment of taxes, insurance fees and paying all types of utility bills.

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