Payment account with an IBAN

Your Payment Account with an IBAN

EasyPay (EasyPay AD) opens Payment accounts with IBANs numbers for individuals and legal entities. You can open your Payment account online quickly and easily and take advantage of the flexibility and variety of payment services offered by EasyPay:

  • No account maintenance fees
  • No fees for making transfers to another account at EasyPay
  • Low fees for transfers to accounts in other banks or payment institution
  • No requirement to maintain a minimum balance in your account

Through your payment account you can:
  • Receive or make transfers in BGN – from/to accounts opened at EasyPay or other banks and payment institutions
  • Receive your salary, pension etc.
  • Pay your utility bills online, through your account
  • Use the funds directly from your Payment account or through an EasyPay payment card

How to open a Payment account with IBAN at EasyPay?
  • Through your account – you need to be registered as a 3rd level user on A Payment account will be opened automatically, identified by an IBAN


  • By ordering an EasyPay card at an EasyPay office. EasyPay card is issued to a payment account with an IBAN. You receive the card immediately and could use the funds directly from the account, through the card at an ATM or for POS payments.

In your account you can:
  • Check your available balance recent transactions
  • Make online payments to web merchants, pay your utility bills, make transfers from your EasyPay Payment account to other Payment accounts.

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