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EPAYGO Tickets and Events is an service for ticket sales.

You can select an event, a seat or a price category at, and buy a ticket with just a few clicks. It is easy and quick.

How to buy a ticket?

  • 1. Select an event by name, date, picture or entering its name in the site search engine. No registration required!
  • 2. Choose a seat or a price if a choice has been offered by the organizer.
  • 3. Select a payment method and proceed to payment.

EPAYGO offers multiple payment methods which are free of charge:

One of the most convenient ways to buy a ticket is directly at an EasyPay office - you can choose from 2600+ offices across the country. Find the one that suits you best here.

For more information you can contact us at 02/ 921 08 80 or

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Your ticket is always with you, wherever you are!

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