Mass payments – adding funds to Microaccounts


You can add funds to the Microaccounts of an unlimited number of people, registered to the electronic payment system of The money is immediately transferred to all listed Microaccounts and can be used for online payments, utility bills payments, bank account transfers and many more.

The Microaccount is a payment instrument, opened and supported by EasyPay through the website.

How can I get a Microaccount?

In order to have a Microaccount, you need to register for the online payment system on Every registered user gets a Microaccount for free. If you already have a registration at, all you need to do is carefully read and accept the General Terms and Conditions of use and then activate the Microaccount. You can do that in your registration at by getting access to the system with your username and password.


In order to add funds to Microaccounts, a detailed information about all people expecting the payment is required. You can prepare and send this information from your own PC. All you need to do is create a file, containing the following information for each person:

• Amount of money for the recipient
• The recipient’s KIN or e-mail address from his/her registration at
• Reason for the payment

You can download a file with an example here.

When you finish entering the data, save the file and upload it to the following web address: You will then receive a "file code". The code is unique for each mass payment and confirms the information about the recipients you provided.

You can transfer the money for the mass payment from your bank account or through You MUST enter the "file code" you received as a “Reason for the bank transaction”. The transactions in the file will be initiated automatically. You will then receive a document about the transactions to the postal or e-mail address you provided.

A total fee for the mass payment will be calculated automatically in the following way:

The fee for each transaction position in the mass payment file depends on the amount of money in each individual transfer. The fee for each transaction depends also on whether the total sum for the mass payment will be deposited in cash or via bank account transaction. The total fee is then calculated and added to the total amount of money for all transactions. The person making the mass payment provides the total sum, and the mass payment itself is then initiated. Recipients do not pay any fee upon receiving their money.

The tariff on fees for a mass payments via bank account transfer is as follows:

Money transfer Fee in BGN
Less than 200,00 BGN 0,10 BGN
200,00 BGN or more 0,20 BGN


If you have 2 transactions in your mass payment file, as follows:
Money transfer in BGN Fee in BGN
1 Ivan Ivanov; 10.00 BGN 0.10 BGN
2 Petar Petrov; 201.00 BGN 0.20 лв
The total fee for all transactions in the file is 0.30 BGN

You can make a mass payment quickly, comfortably and with ease.
Information about the mass payment procedure in greater detail is available here.


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