Mass payments – money transfer orders


With the "Mass Payments" service EasyPay provides you the opportunity to make many transfers to different recipients with only one payment order from your account opened at EasyPay.
The order for mass payment transfers is performed by you through your profile on, by submitting a file containing data about the individual transfers that you want to order.
The amount of the transfer can be transferred to the recipient's account or ordered for a cash disbursement at an EasyPay office.

You could make Mass payment orders:

• To pay the salary of your employees * or other individuals
• To pay amounts due to your suppliers, partners, contractors

Advantages of the service:

The Mass payments orders allow you to make a large number of transfers to individuals or legal entities with few clicks only. With the service you receive:

Convenience for you and for your contractors – you could order the transfers online from your profile on at any time of the day. The amount of the transfer is available for the recipients as soon as you confirm the payment order.
Cost-efficient conditions - reduce your operating costs and order transfers under very favorable financial conditions:
- no fee for transfers to the recipient's account opened at EasyPay
- low fees for transfers for cash disbursement at an EasyPay office
Flexibility - You decide whether to transfer the amount to the receiver's payment account at EasyPay or for cash disbursement at an EasyPay office
Save time and resources - make a lot of transfers by submitting one file, no need to enter separate payment orders with the recipient data each time.

To use the service, you need:

• To be registered as a legal entity on – upon the registration of your company on, a payment account of the legal entity will be opened automatically. There is no service fee for opening and maintenance the payment account. This account will be debited upon ordering mass payment orders.
• To be registered as a 3rd level customer on
• To use the one of the services "One-time password dPass" or "Temporary SMS code" - free services that provide additional security when performing online transactions

How to make payment orders by the Mass payment service?

You need:,

• To prepare a consolidated payment document - a file in text format (according to a sample). The content of the file depends on whether you order transfers to the recipients' account or the amount of the transfer will be received in cash at an EasyPay office. See the file structure requirements here.
• Upon logging into your profile on, from the menu "Transfers" select:
- Menu "Mass payment transfer to ePay user" - if you want to order transfers to recipients' accounts opened at EasyPay
- Menu "Mass payment transfer for cash withdrawal at EasyPay” - if you want to order transfers for cash disbursement at EasyPay’s office
• Make sure that there is sufficient available amount on your payment account on for ordering all the transfers included in the file
• Attach the prepared file for mass payment transfers in the field provided for this purpose, fill in the remaining fields in the order form and submit for confirming the payment order. The funds are available for the recipients immediately after you successfully upload and submit the file.

More useful information for the Mass payments service could be found here.


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