Payments for condominium taxes


We provide the owners of condominium property with a new opportunity to pay their fees for utility services (electricity, water, building installations maintenance, etc.) in a place and time that suits them in one of the following ways:


After the latest changes in the Condominium Ownership Management Act (COMA) for the management of condominium property, an entire building or the apartments in a separate entrance to it can entrust the management of the condominium property to the care of an external specialized business (the service is also known as Professional house manager) or to register an Association of the property owners in the building.

The Professional house manager or Professional estate management service includes all activities, typical of the responsibilities of a house manager – organizing regular meetings of the condominium owners, collecting monthly fees for maintenance, managing reconstruction works, etc. By entrusting the care to an external business, the households in every building or separate entrance are granted:

  • impartiality in finding a solution to problems and disputes between neighbors;
  • better collection of fees from the condominium owners;
  • better ways of payment – in cash on the spot; at any office of EasyPay; online at; by using a credit or debit card on the following website >

The Association of property owners in the building is a legal entity, a non-for-profit organization, registered in the local municipality by providing the following 3 documents: a record of proceedings from the general assembly, signed by all who agree (a minimum of 67 % of the property owners in the building); an agreement for establishing the association; a notarially certified specimen of the signature of the person, chosen as a president of the administrative council. In accordance with the Act, the respective municipality authorities issue a certificate, proving that the established organization has been added to the register. The organization is then added to the register of the Registry Agency with a BULSTAT number.

The establishment and management of such an organization does not require significant efforts – submitting the application form, adding the association to the register and receiving a certificate from the local municipality are free of charge; the specimen certification by a notary costs 6.00 BGN; the fee for a BULSTAT number, issued by the Registry Agency, costs 14.00 BGN; and submitting an annual financial report is not required, if no other activities, apart from those included in the COMA, are carried out.

On the other hand, such an association has some key advantages as follows:

  • project applications for funding from some operational programs of the EU can be submitted – Executive Agency officers would rather communicate with a legal entity, representing all households in the building, than write individually to every one of them;
  • in relation to the Energy Act, all heating companies offer special prices to buildings of households, registered as an association;
  • facilitated procedures are available, when applying for a credit for common needs, including the right to an offset VAT payment due (or imput VAT credit);
  • a registration to the system of EasyPay as a merchant, collecting monthly fees electronically or in cash at any office of EasyPay, is yet another option, making the life of the condominium owners much easier.

Below you can find a list of all registered firms and associations, for which you can pay your monthly liabilities in cash at any office of EasyPay, online on, or using a credit or debit card on the following website

Professional house managers:
Green Clean City PM Property PM - Sofia DHG - PM Sofia
City Service Sofia DPMG 3 TOPS - FM Edom BG
Sofia Clean Homes Obsht Dom Noker Dom Service
Markov NM Vashiyat domoupravitel Lexi FM Profdom
Arrego-Bulgaria Real Estate Management ACXO-TECH Huber House Bulgaria
Domouprava Green Clean Buildings MOP City Standart Bulgaria
Obrazcov Dom BG Green Cleen M Lusin Express Omeka Management
Sofia Agency City Expert Kedron 7 Domoupravitel Plovdiv
Vhod Manager Green Clean Service Business Group-VT Domouprava Profi
Home Services BG Obrazcov Vhod Denova Consult Vizura
ID Management Home BG Professional service ProDom
Domoupravitel Plovdiv M-Dom Compass Domoupravitel Vizura M
Facility House Home Properties BG MDS Group
Kanzen Bulgaria Huber Hausbetroyung Yug Zora Dom Elysium
My Domoupravitel Operating Company HomeConsult FM Deh Group
Vhod Services Moya Dom Triumf Consult Smart Vhod
KOS Bulgaria Home Care BG Kris Consult 2015 Ariete Home
Home Deluxe Planex Invest Agency Monk Alex Management
Obraztcov Dom Plovdiv Selene Artstroy Facilities Galus 03
Level Service Vhod Vhodove BG Evlogy Markov Ariete Home
Etazhna sobstvenost "Chetirilistna detelina" ES Strandzha N103 Sofia Home Consult
Level Service Housemanager Silvia Property  
SD of en. 2, bl. 321, Mladost 3 Promise Facility Management
Bulgarian Professional Company SD Haydushka polyana 59 str., en. B
ES Sofia, 3 Arch. J. Milanov Str. Sdruzhenie Sv. Nikola Sofiyski


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