You are a promoter.
Or a musician.

You organize events and look for
an easy way to sell tickets.

Epay AD offers you a cost-free
solution for managing your events
via ePay-GO!


A free-of-charge platform for event management - No fees for registration, use and support in the EPAY-GO system for event management.

Creating different events – Manage an unlimited number of events with our user-friendly interface. As soon as you confirm the event information in your profile, it will be active for selling tickets in over 2 000 offices in the network of EasyPay, the ePay Mobile App and online at

Offering tickets in different price categories – You can issue different number and price categories of tickets, fix time limits and/or change the price of any ticket category at any time according to your needs.

Selling tickets online – You can take advantage of all available payment methods: online via credit and debit cards, via registration on, via ePay Mobile on your smartphone, in cash at any office of EasyPay, via bank account transfer or ATM transaction. You pay a standard money transfer fee with regards to the respective payment instrument, used by every customer.

Issuing different tickets – According to the chosen payment method, The system generates the following types of tickets: for online payments – in PDF format via e-mail; for mobile payments – a digital format, compatible with all mobile phones; for payments in cash – a paper ticket.

Every ticket contains an unique number, a barcode and information about the event.

Simplified ticket checking – You can check the issued tickets at the event entrance(s) by following a list, or by using a barcode reader to scan the code of every paper ticket and every digital one directly from a smartphone.

Integrating a link on Facebook – the system generates a link you can use to integrate to your Facebook event, allowing you to sell tickets through the social network.

Optional LIVE streaming – You have the opportunity to stream video LIVE from the event at additional cost. Video will be shot and streamed LIVE on the Internet directly from the place of event free-of-charge or at a price you choose. Everyone who has the link can watch the event LIVE on a specially created website.

Surveying and controlling your sells – In your profile, you have full access to and control over a number of reference charts, in which you can check at any time the current state of sells, income, checked tickets, etc.

Keeping an archive of your events – Wee keep a record of all events you create along with information about the issued and checked tickets for them.

How to use EPAY-GO:
  1. Register online on:
  2. Sign a contract for partnership with ePay AD.
  3. Create and manage your events via EPAY-GO.
How to create an event:
  1. Log in to your profile using your name and password.
  2. Select „Create event“ in the „Events“ menu.
  3. Fill in all required fields with information about your event.
  4. Confirm the event information and start selling tickets immediately.
  5. Copy and share the generated link to all media, with which you wish to promote your event.