Card for receiving a money transfer – frequently asked questions

Questions for identifying the problem with withdrawing money, using a card for receiving a money transfer at EasyPay

• Is this a problem with one АТМ/bank only?
• What is the amount of money the client cannot withdraw? What message does the ATM display?
• What was the initial amount of money in the card?
• How many transactions has the client made so far and for what amounts of money?

Terms and Conditions for using a card for receiving a money transfer.

The information is available on the official websites of EasyPay AD and Texim Bank AD, provided as links below, as well as in a leaflet in every money transfer card package.

What if a client needs more than the initial number of available fee-free transactions?

To withdraw the rest of their money, clients have to request an additional number of 1 or 5 transactions by visiting any office of EasyPay AD and paying 1.00 BGN or 5.00 BGN respectively.
They can see the initial number of available fee-free transactions in the EasyPay receipt for receiving their money transfer card.
The system reduces the number of available fee-free transactions with every successful or failed cash withdrawal. The number of available transactions isn’t affected by ATM operations such as checking the available funds and changing the card PIN code.

What happens when the full amount of a money transfer is withdrawn?

When clients withdraw the full amount of their money transfer, their card shall be deactivated automatically by the bank. They do NOT have to visit an office of Texim Bank AD and file a request for its deactivation. This is due to the fact Texim Bank does NOT open a personal payment account to clients, using money transfer cards.

Clients do NOT have to return their card to any office of Texim Bank or EasyPay. They can cut it into halves through the magnetic stripe, thus destroying it physically. The card is disposable and no funds can be added to it. Clients can ask for a new card for each money transfer they receive.

A maintenance monthly fee of 5.00 BGN shall be deduced after the 6th month of use, ONLY if there are funds still available on the card after this period has expired. If a client withdraws the full amount of their money transfer within 6 months, their card shall be deactivated automatically and they shall NOT pay any fees to Texim Bank AD.

What if a client has his money transfer card lost or stolen?

Clients should call Texim Bank AD as promptly as possible to have their card canceled.

How can a client have access to the funds of their canceled card?

Clients should visit any office of EasyPay, where they can have a new card for the rest of their money or have it in cash. There is a standard tariff fee for this type of service.

This card can ONLY be used for withdrawing cash from all ATMs in Bulgaria! The card CANNOT be used for other purposes such as paying on POS terminals or shopping on the Internet.

Clients may have problems using the card on some ATMs of Alpha Bank. This is due to the bank’s current merger with Postbank and the ongoing ATM software update. Advice: Try using an ATM of some other bank.

What if a client has their PIN code forgotten?

TEXIM Bank AD shall NOT provide a new PIN code for this type of cards. Clients should visit any office of EasyPay and request to have the rest of their money transferred to a new card or have it in cash. There is a standard tariff fee for this type of service.

Can clients use the money transfer card to withdraw cash from ATMs of other banks?

Yes, they can use all ATMs in Bulgaria. However, clients may have some problems with the ATMs of Alpha Bank that have NOT been transferred to servicing by Postbank yet.

What if an ATM does NOT dispense a requested amount of money?

In case an ATM does NOT dispense the money, an automatic reversal of the operation shall be initiated by the counter bank within 5 to 10 minutes. After that a client can withdraw their undispensed amount.
Clients are strongly advised to check their funds balance at the ATM to make sure the amount has been relocated back to their account. If it hasn’t, they should have a specialist from Card Payments department or Informational Technologies department attend to their case within the bank’s office hours.

Why is there a fee of 1.00 BGN for withdrawing money from an ATM?

Withdrawing money from an ATM is free of charge within the initially defined number of transactions with the card.
When using an ATM of Piraeus Bank, immediately after the transaction confirmation, a message asking clients to donate 1.00 BGN to UNICEF is displayed on the screen. Clients often do NOT pay attention and press the Yes button automatically, which is why Piraeus Bank is adding an extra 1.00 BGN to the amount their clients wish to withdraw. (For example, when withdrawing 400.00 BGN, a total of 401.00 BGN will be withdrawn from the card). Clients should avoid using this option, because it would cause them some difficulties in withdrawing a round amount of money from the rest available funds on the card.

For other questions and problems concerning cards for receiving money transfers at EasyPay, you can send information to the following e-mail address:*

* Clients’ messages are reviewed by a group, including specialists from Card Payments department and Informational Technologies department at Texim Bank AD.