Advertising in an EasyPay office

We offer you a well-established and guaranteed channel to more than 600 000 households in Bulgaria MONTHLY. The network of EasyPay offices consists of 2409 locations, some 319 of which our own offices. They are situated in large chains of stores, shopping and business centers, partner organizations and key spots in cities, towns and villages.
Advertising with EasyPay gives you an excellent opportunity to reach your potential clients!
You can target them on a regional or national level!


We offer you a new advertisement channel, allowing you to broadcast advertisements in a variety of formats on TV-monitors in our offices. Take advantage of the opportunity to advertise your products and services with a video clip, an image or a slide show. Inform your loyal and potential clients about new services and promotions. Make an impression by offering an attractive content. It’s your choice!

Advertising on TV-monitors in the offices of EasyPay is available only in our own locations (319 in total in Bulgaria)



When customers make a payment in an EasyPay office, they receive a receipt to keep as a proof. Between 5 000 and 20 000 payment receipts are printed monthly, depending on the customer flow in each office.

Advertising on an EasyPay receipt – front

There are specially designated text areas for advertising on every EasyPay receipt. Your advertisement message will be printed on the front of the payment receipt along with information about the paid utility bills.

The entire network of EasyPay offices (2409 locations in Bulgaria) is at your disposal. You can make an order for advertising in a particular region or the entire EasyPay network.


Advertising on an EasyPay receipt – back

Your advertisement can cover the entire back of our A4 paper format payment receipt. All you need to do is provide us with a copy of the design you like. We’ll have it printed in true color and take care of the logistics and distribution.

The receipts with your advertisement at the back will be given to clients in our own EasyPay locations you choose (319 offices in Bulgaria). We’ll assist you in targeting the most suitable offices for your business in terms of location and customer flow.



We have 319 own offices in the network of EasyPay in Bulgaria. You can advertise in all of them or a separate office.

Your advertisement materials, handed out by an EasyPay office cashier

Distribute your advertisement materials in the offices of EasyPay. Our cashiers will hand them out to customers along with their payment receipts.

A spot for your advertisement materials in an EasyPay office

We provide advertising spots for your leaflets, brochures and fliers in our own locations (319 offices in Bulgaria), situated in the most suitable locations in relation to customer flow.


EasyPay offers you a well-established and guaranteed channel to over 600 000+ households in Bulgaria MONTHLY.