Standing order payments

The service allows making of payments to unlimited number of persons at any office within the Easypay system at their choice. This form is convenient for payment of salaries, dividends, etc. Through the "Standing order payments" service you may order a single amount to any number of different persons; the amount may not exceed 5 000 BGN.

In order to make a standing order payment through the Easypay system you have to:
(1) Submit a request for standing order payments with a file not larger than 1MB in CSV format.
The file must contain the following information:

You are allowed to submit: A1+A2, only B, A1+A2+B, all other data being obligatory.
You may download a sample file here.

When the system confirms the validity of the file you have submitted, it will return a file code. By this code confirmation is made of the request for standing order payment you have submitted.

(2) Transfer of the amount for standing order payment.
After you receive a file code with the information about the persons who will receive cash funds, you have to transfer the amount via bank or to an account with the following IBAN: BG03 CECB 9790 1043 3007 01, BIC: CECBBGSF. It is obligatory to enter the "file code" in the reason for the bank transfer field. The orders are automatically initiated. You receive a document for the transfer to the address or e-mail you have indicated.